The LV Power Center switchboards made by BOGGI & C. LTD have a modular structure with modular elements that makes them suitable for all installation requirements. They are suitable for use in industrial factories, in large offices and in public and private service industry complexes, in lighting systems and wherever there is a large number of small and medium sized powered devices to be controlled.

The metal column structures of the LV switchboards are made with finely painted prime quality sheet metal. These designed and tested cabinets are very strong and therefore also safe for operators. Particular care has been given to external connections, to make it as easy as possible to connect the incoming cables, depending on the need to limit dimensions. Attention has also been given to removing the heat produced, duly considering the required protection rating.

An identification plate is placed on all the switchboards we produce with an indication of our trademark as assemblers of the equipment, a code corresponding to the switchboard as filed in our engineering department, and the CE marking. Each electric switchboard is accompanied by a technical file comprising a copy of the wiring diagram, list of materials, any overtemperature calculations, declaration of testing and conformity, drawing of switchboard front and digital colour photograph on paper.

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